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Have fun in Luxembourg with our exclusive mini electric car rental. A unique experience to fully enjoy the pleasure of driving in complete safety and style!

beautiful little girl in the car close-up

Electric car rental for children

We offer a unique and distinctive mini electric car rental service in Luxembourg.

Mom controls children car with remote at walk with toddler child in public park. Toddler boy sits in green car holding steering wheel looking aside

Rent in the parks

Our goal is to provide a personalized and flexible rental experience. Animate family weekends, create memorable moments for all.

Noone can stop me now! Child looks excited driving little toy outlander

Trusted local service

En tant que société de location locale au Luxembourg, nous accordons une grande importance au service personnalisé et à la proximité avec nos clients. 

Together, create moments of pleasure

At Fast&Funious, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in entertaining and having fun with our mini electric cars. With the trust and quality that characterizes us, we guarantee moments of pure joy and fun to all our customers.

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